Geographic Information System in Mapping Land Use in South Aceh District

  • Oktalia Triananda Lovita Politeknik Aceh Selatan
  • Resky Rusnanda Politeknik Aceh Selatan
Keywords: Geographic Information System, Data, Landuse,


The dawn of the age of computerization has opened up a new horizon and paradigm in the decision making process and dissemination of information. In the past difficulties arise when a large bulk of data representing of modeling a certain phenomenon was to be compiled because these data were often detached from each other. With Geographic Information System (GIS), the storing, administration, processing, manipulation, analysis and exhibition of important data in a system of information can be done with ease and speed. This  study  attempts  to  represent  and  model  the  available  data  of Sourt Aceh Selatan concerning its administrative boundaries, land, geology, land use and slope, Using ArcGIS 10.3, a GIS software that is capable to represent spatial data as well as attributes of the study areas. the results of rms error on landsat 8 oil images obtained mean 0.51, GIS technology in civil engineering work is normally used in the planning and preparation of a new land for the development of a housing complex.


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