Population Behavior in the Mathematical Model of the Spread of COVID19 Type SEIRS

  • Asmaidi As Med Universitas Mulawarman
  • Resky Rusnanda Politeknik Aceh Selatan


Mathematical modeling utilized to simplify real phenomena that occur in everyday life. Mathematical modeling is popular to modeling the case of the spread of disease in an area, the growth of living things, and social behavior in everyday life and so on. This type of research is included in the study of theoretical and applied mathematics. The research steps carried out include 1) constructing a mathematical model type SEIRS, 2) analysis on the SEIRS type mathematical model by using parameter values for conditions 1and , 3) Numerical simulation to see the behavior of the population in the model, and 4) to conclude the results of the numerical simulation of the SEIRS type mathematical model. The simulation results show that the model stabilized in disease free quilibrium for the condition  and stabilized in endemic equilibrium for the condition .


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